Devin Ligman

Updated 11/20

For my professional profile, visit my LinkedIn. This is the home for my personal projects. Feel free to email me.



I've taken 100,000+ photos over the past 9 years. Terabytes of RAW photos & thousands of videos. Here are a few of my favorites


Fun videos

Software Development

A little bit of everything. Objective C, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript (NodeJS & web).

Gaming Website


Designed & developed a advertising tool for game communities. Developed using NodeJS - expressjs, MongoDB, passport, and ejs. Grew from 0 to 75k pageviews/month and 600 users per day. Sold in 2021.

NodeJS MongoDB Javascript

iOS Development


Self-taught Objective C so I could make games for the first iPhone and iPod Touch. 21,000 downloads from 81 countries, including 5200 paid downloads. Backend website written in PHP.

Objective C PHP

Community Website


Designed forum website for niche community. PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap 3 UI. 196k pageviews and 20k total users. Cache

PHP Bootstrap SMF MySQL

Real Estate Website


Website built for real estate company. Integration with real estate APIs (RETS) for custom listing queries.

PHP Wordpress RETS

Gaming Community


Managed cluster of servers to host gaming community. Built dozens of custom Java applications to create custom functionality. Tens of thousands of lines of custom code. Supported 5,000 players who logged 60,000 hours.

Java PHP Ubuntu MySQL

Physical Projects

Just the big ones

LED Light tower


Designed a realtime beat detection algorithm using a MSGEQ7 & ESP8266 that formed a mesh network for music visualization. Images: #1 #2 #3

Arduino ESP8266 PCB design 3D Printing



Web design & eCommerce setup. Manufactured ~500 wooden coasters. Sold online and in person. Coasters were laser-engraved with PNW designs, made from repurposed decking wood, and hand crafted. Shipped across the USA.

WooCommerce Woodworking